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Lake Lotawana is the largest private recreational lake in the Kansas City area. Lotawana is a man made lake that was built in the 1920 and currently has 1,179 homes around the lake. It was named after an Indian Princess.

Lotawana itself means ‘sparkling water’ which there are 640 acres of Lotawana’s sparkling water. Lotawana has its own city hall, police and fire department. We also have a Lake Lotawana Association that actively maintains the water, roads, and other services around the lake, snow removal in the winter and water patrol in the summer are just a few.

There are 16 different coves and each have their own name. Names like Bandit Bay, Sunrise and Sunset Cove, Waterfall and Big Rock Bay are just a few. Each home location can best be described as living on 1st tier or 2nd tier. 1st tier homes are lakefront properties while 2nd tier properties are located across the street. Each home is unique in its own way and fits each homeowner’s needs specifically.